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February 20th, 2009

Repeating the failed policies of the past

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has done an analysis of the federal economic stimulus package and predicts that while it will result in short-term growth and job creation (over the next year or so), the long term effects will likely include a "crowding out" of private investment, resulting in a lower gross domestic product.

February 6th

My thoughts on the government "stimulus" package

When asked if increasing government spending or reducing taxes on business would best get the country out of the current recession, people responding to a recent CBS News poll answered as follows:
59% favored reducing taxes
22% favored increasing spending.

A similar question mentioned taxes in general rather than business-specific tax breaks. In response to this:
62% favor tax cuts

January 20th

My Presidential Pledge

Honoring the inauguration of Barack Obama, a new celebrity-packed video has been released titled The Presidential Pledge.  In this video the glamorous Hollywood elite promise to make our planet better by doing little things like turning off lights, or with grander schemes such as freein

January 19th

Zogby post-election poll

The week after the election, John Zogby conducted a poll of people who voted for Barack Obama to see how well informed they were on several issues.   Of those voters, 63% were democrats, 9% were republicans and 28% were independents.  The full

January 16th

Why I'm voting for John McCain

Both candidates will increase the national debt, but the McCain plan is centered around keeping taxes low across the board and cutting out wasteful spending, something that I believe is critical when the economy is in a slump. Unlike Obama, McCain has a strong record of voting against earmarks and other wasteful spending in Washington.