Notes on the new site layout

As you have probably noticed, our website has undergone a major overhaul. We have built a completely new layout with a new engine running the site. The menu structure has changed so be sure to look through the menus if you can't find what you need. We have also provided a list of site links at the bottom of each page.

Our primary goal in the redesign is to provide more accessible and interactive news content. Here are some of the new features we hope you will find useful:

Rather than grouping all of our news content onto a single page, each story can now be accessed individually. The idea is to make reading the news more convenient as you can simply click on the headlines that interest you to read the full story without having to load an entire page full of stories.

Each news story now has a “printer friendly” version allowing you to make a hard copy if you so desire.

Mousing over the “share” gadget under a story will open up options for you to email the story or post it on your Myspace, Facebook, Google or other pages.

The audio embedding system has been improved. Simply hover your mouse over the speaker icon in a news story to hear the sound. A small popup control panel allows you to pause, rewind or skip forward. If you want to keep a copy of the audio on your computer, click the linked text next to the icon for an MP3 file.

Pictures in the news stories are clickable, and when viewing an image you may obtain a full-size version by clicking the “original” link.

Registered users can post comments on our news stories. If you want to share your thoughts, simply type your message under the story. You must be logged in to post comments. Registration is free and we will not put you on any mailing or spam lists.

To read other stories, either return to the main page and click another headline, or click the “previous story” or “next story” links to read through all of the available articles.

Links to other related articles are listed in the sidebar on the right.

Popular news stories (those which are being frequently viewed or have active comment sections) are easily accessible via the “popular news” section on the main page.

A calendar-based archive link allows you to jump to stories posted on a particular day. If you don't know when the story was posted, the “Find more” link will allow you to search for specific keywords.

Sheridan Media news content is now available via RSS. To subscribe to the Sheridan Media news feed, click the RSS “Subscribe” link under the news on the main page.

While we make the transition to the new server, there may be some pages that are missing. If you notice any broken links or cannot find something, please use the feedback form to notify the webmasters: