Spring Sun Outages

We are currently entering our spring "sun outage" period, which will affect some of the afternoon and evening programming on KROE as well as our ESPN Radio station, KYTI HD-2. Sun outages affect satellite-delivered programs twice a year (spring and fall) as the sun's arc moves across the area in the sky at which our satellite dishes are aimed. The sun outages will occur in the 3pm hour each afternoon during the first week of March. Each outage will last around 5 minutes until the sun's position moves to where it is no longer interfering with our satellite reception. However, since KROE delays some programming, the outages may be heard in more than one program each day. For example, the outage will occur during the Michael Medved show which is carried live, but at the time of the outage we are also recording Sean Hannity for playback from 4p to 7p, so there will be an outage during his program as well. Because we can predict roughly when the outages will occur we will try to cover them as seamlessly as possible. If you hear some digital "burps" or other glitches in programs this week it is probably due to a sun outage, and the interference will only last for a few minutes.

More information on sun outages is available in this commentary from last fall.