Charles Popovich

Charles Popovich
Service Branch: 

I served three years in the Navy (1943-46). Basic training was in Fargut, ID. Navy schools in Michigan City, IN and Naval Research Lab in Washington CD Trained as a radio & radar technician.

Highest rating was EMT1/c (Electronic Technician's Mate first class).

Sea duty service was abroad in USS Tulagi, CVE72 (Mini aircraft carrier)in the Mediterranean and South Pacific in four major invasions and campaigns: Southern France Invasion (8/14-15/1944) Battle for Leyte Gulf (10/22-27/1944) Invasion of Iwo Jima (2/19/1945) Invasion of Okinawa (4/2/1945)

The USS Tulagai did extensive submarine patrol and its planes sunk one sub. Our other danger was from numerous Kamikaze attacks which we survived including one on an 18 carrier force with 6 being sunk or hit and put out of commission.