Sgt. John D Arnoux

Service Branch: 

John, a disabled Native American Veteran, grew up in Big Horn, WY, and had served in the US ARMY from 1968-1971. With 400+ parachute jumps from aircraft, he trained with paratroopers at Ft. Benning, GA, and Special Forces(Green Berets) at Camp McCall, NC. He graduated from The John F. Kennedy Special Forces Training Center at Ft. Bragg, NC, in 1969. He served in the 'I' Corps and the Central Highlands of Viet Nam during the war. He, also, served in Laos and Cambodia. He was deployed as a Combat Engineer, a Medic, and, an Explosives Expert. John was awarded the 'Bronze Star' for Meritorious Service in Viet Nam. John works Globally for The Flour Corporation, and, resides with his wife Colleen, and, two dogs in Owasso(Tulsa area), Oklahoma. John also has two daughters, Michelle Arnoux, and Danielle Arnoux, who reside in the Sheridan, WY area.