Buffalo/Johnson County Clean-Up May 15-18

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Toby Rhoades

City Building Inspector Toby Rhoads reminded the Buffalo City Council that the annual city/county cleanup will be next month.

He explained how the voucher process works for city residents to take their unwanted items to the landfill free of charge.

City residents will need to bring proof of city residency and the license plate number of the vehicle they will be using during the cleanup to city hall to get a voucher, which will allow residents to take their trash, garbage and other unwanted items to the county landfill for free, with the city picking up the bill.

County residents can get vouchers through the county courthouse.

The vouchers are good for as many free trips to the landfill that the holder wishes to make during the four-day cleanup.
The voucher must be presented for each trip to the landfill, or the person will be charged for that load.

For more information on the city/county cleanup, contact Toby Rhoades at Buffalo City Hall at 684-5566, extension 6.