Construction of Schiffer School Could Start This Summer

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Construction could start July 1 on a building for the John C. Schiffer Collaborative School.

Mathers Heuck, who's facilities director for Sheridan County School District 2, said that's the district's plan, assuming funds for the school are approved by this year's Legislature. Heuck said the district should know if funds will be available by March or possibly as early as late February.

If construction starts as planned, Heuck said the building could be ready for use in fall 2020. The building will be designed for about 116 students, Heuck said.

Plans are for the alternative high school to serve not only school district 2 but also Sheridan County school districts 1 and 3 and the Johnson County School District.

Heuck said the cost to build the school is estimated at around $7 to $8 million.

The John C. Schiffer school in the meantime has been set up in rooms that School District 2 is leasing from Sheridan College, and only District 2 students have been attending the alternative school at this time.

The new Schiffer school building will be constructed on land near the Watt Agricultural building. School District 2 acquired the site from Sheridan College last year in exchange for the former Meadowlark Elementary School site.