District 2 Looking at Elementary School Boundaries

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Disparities in enrollment numbers have Sheridan County School District 2 administrators considering a possible redrawing of boundary lines between the five elementary schools in Sheridan.

Scott Stults, who's an assistant superintendent for the school district, said Coffeen Elementary has the largest number of students, just under 370, while Sagebrush Elementary is the smallest with a few over 300.

Kindergarten enrollments are 66 at Coffeen, 30 at Meadowlark Elementary.

Stults said the elementary school in Story, which is part of School District 2, won't be affected by a boundary change because that school serves only students in Story.

He said District 2 operates on a neighborhood school system.

Stults said District 2 made a boundary change five years ago to correct a disparity. At that time, he said, Coffeen had the smallest enrollment in the district.

The good news for parents and children, Stults said, is that all five of Sheridan's elementary schools are phenomenal. All five are Blue Ribbon Schools that provide quality education for each and every child, and there are quality teachers at every school.

Stults said at this time, no decisions have been made regarding implementation of boundary changes. He said the district will visit with, and share information with, parents if, in fact, the district proceeds with boundary changes.