G&F Requests Amendments to DeSmet Proposal

Sheridan County Commissioner, Terry Cram, has elaborated on yesterday's meeting with the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission in Rock Springs. He said the game and fish provisionally agreed to the counties' proposal to allow Johnson County to buy Sheridan County's water rights and enter into a $3 million, 99-year lease with the Game and Fish. There were three points of contention the Game and Fish Department requested be cleared up before the agreement was finalized. Cram said the first condition was to add clarification regarding Johnson County's management of the lake.

Cram said the G&F Specifically requested additional language be added with agricultural water rights in mind.

The second condition was in reference to an ongoing interstate lawsuit that could affect the Game and Fish Department's finances.

The third condition preempting the immediate acceptance of the deal regarded public access to the lake's shoreline.

Stay tuned to Sheridan Media News to hear more about the Lake DeSmet lease.