Ice Rink Open Skating Is Very Popular

Temperatures have remained near freezing or below for the last few days and has kept snow and ice around since the latest storm during Christmas. There is one place in Sheridan where colder is definitely better. The Sheridan Ice Rink, operated by Whitney Benefits, has been very popular this holiday season. Dave Lawson works for Sheridan Ice and he says the new ice rink and ice making system have really made a difference this year.

Lawson barely had a chance to talk to us while helping people with their skates during the open skating session on Wednesday.

The recent renovations were designed to provide more consistent conditions throughout the year. The ice rink is expected to have a much longer season that could extend well into April with the new system.

In addition to the afternoon open skate at 1 today there will be a special New Year’s Eve open skate tonight from 8:30 until after midnight and the beginning of 2010.

For more information on the Sheridan Ice Rink click here.