Reading, Book Signing Kick Off Hemingway Events

Darla Worden speaks to the audience at Thursday's Hemingway event. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The Historic Sheridan Inn provided the venue for readings and book signings by two authors Thursday night to kick off a series of events that will culminate in the Hemingway Conference in Sheridan in July 2020.

Jen Crouse, who's executive director of the Sheridan College Foundation, said the conference is a very big deal.

Thursday's event featured Sigrid Nunez, award-winning author of “The Friend” and a one-time writer-in-residence at the Ucross Foundation, and Sheridan native Darla Worden, who has written articles about Hemingway's Wyoming connection.

Crouse said the events leading up to the Hemingway Conference are co-hosted by Sheridan College and Ucross.

View another photo below.

Nunez, left, and Worden. (Photo by Pat Blair)