School Board Approves Criteria for Superintendent Bonus

The Johnson County School Board voted to approve and accept the criteria for future contract bonuses for Superintendent Jim Wagner during their last regular meeting.

The criteria, which they adopted from last year's bonus guidelines, will be used to evaluate Wagner's performance for next year's bonuses.
According to discussions, there will be seven areas he will be evaluated on, where if he meets or exceeds expectations, he will qualify for bonuses.

Although the details of his review and the bonuses were not divulged publicly at the meeting, his salary and bonus schedule were detailed in his contract when he was hired in 2018.

In school year 2019-20, Wagner will earn a salary of $150,000 and can earn up to $6,000 per year in bonus pay “based on the Superintendent’s achievement of quantitative merit criterion agreed upon by the Superintendent and the Board” as described in the contract.