School District 2 Schools Meet/Exceed Expectations

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All of the schools in Sheridan County School District 2 last year met or exceeded state expectations in achievement and equity.

Mitch Craft, who's an assistant superintendent for the district, said that was true for both the district's regular schools and for the two alternative schools.

Craft said equity measures the progress of the district's struggling students, and the rating from the state means that the district's schools are meeting the needs of struggling learners, helping them grow and catch up with their peers.

Ratings from the state included Story Elementary School, which is the only school operated by School District 2 outside the city of Sheridan.

The one area where School District 2 fell below the state's target was in growth. Henry A. Coffeen Elementary, Sheridan Junior High School and both alternative schools were rated below target in that category.

Craft said growth measures the progress of all students from one spring to the next.

He said growth is an area of focus for District 2, with principals at all the schools working with their staffs to make sure the schools are meeting the needs of individual students whether the student is struggling or in the middle or already achieving at a very high level. He said the intent is to ensure that all students grow.