Archive - Oct 18, 2009

Controlled Archery In City Limits

Should archery hunters be able to hunt in city limits. One argument is that Archery is safer than guns but it is still a weapon. Hunters think it is a great idea while others think it is to risky. Most do agree that there is a lot of deer around town but do not want them shot around their house.

The Little Shell Tribe

Members of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians are caught up in political infighting as a federal decision on whether to recognize the tribe approaches, but both sides say they don't expect it to change the outcome.

Neglected Animals

ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. (AP) - The Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office has seized four horses that investigators say were left neglected in corrals north of Rock Springs.

Whitney Ice Rink Will Get All New Surface For This Year

The Whitney Ice Rink has been under construction for the last several months. Much of the work culminated yesterday in one of the final steps of the project. Concrete workers arrived a little before 3 in the morning yesterday to begin pouring the floor of the rink. Brenden Jespersen tells us why the entire rink floor had to be completed in one shot.