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February 28th

Wind Lease Rules Proposed For Wyoming Trust Lands

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The state office charged with managing Wyoming trust lands is taking public comment on its proposed rules for wind development leasing. Written comments are due to the Office of State Lands and Investments on Monday. The office plans public hearings in mid-March in Casper, Green River, Rawlins and Cheyenne.

Legislature Eyes Formation Of Nuclear Task Force

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A proposal in the Wyoming Legislature
would form a task force to study the production of nuclear energy in Wyoming. The Wyoming House has approved House Bill 79 and the Senate Minerals Committee recommended its approval on Friday. The bill now goes to the full Senate.

February 28th

Energy Efficiency Incentive Could Benefit Wyoming Households

Wyoming News Service, Casper, WY - A new analysis of research on what federal energy efficiency standards would cost families state-by-state, and how much they would save on utility bills, shows the net gain would be more than $300 for the average Wyomingite.

Concealed Weapons Bill Fails In Wyoming Senate

CHEYENNE, (AP) - A massive e-mail campaign intended to persuade state lawmakers to vote for a bill that would have allowed Wyoming residents to carry handguns concealed on their bodies without a permit apparently backfired.

February 26th

What Do The "Guinea Pigs" Think About A Possible Curbside Recycling Program In Sheridan?

Recycling is going curbside for residents in Sparrow Hawk and Mountain View neighborhoods in Sheridan. Starting this May, they will have the option of participating in an 8-month pilot program that, if successful, could go city-wide.

Public Transportation Surveys Are Available At Various Agencies In Sheridan

Various local agencies affiliated with public transportation in Sheridan met nearly a month ago to discuss the need for an additional means of transportation in the city.

Senate Approves Wind Tax Legislation

CHEYENNE, (AP) - Proposals to tax wind energy in Wyoming
and create new regulations for the fledgling industry are moving through the state Legislature. The Senate on Friday gave final approval to a bill that would impose a $1 per megawatt hour excise tax on wind energy production. The bill now heads to Gov. Dave Freudenthal, a supporter of the wind tax, for his signature.

Is a tax on wind energy production a good idea for Wyoming?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
51% (152 votes)
43% (130 votes)
No Opinion
6% (17 votes)
Total votes: 299

Deadline For Home Heating Help Program Has Been Extended

The deadline to apply for the LIEAP Home Heating Help program has been extended for another month this year. Department of Family Services LIEAP Manager Brenda Ilg.