Archive - Aug 27, 2010

Immunization Rules Updated to Protect Wyoming Kids

Wyoming Department of Health Director Dr. Brent Sherard
Wyoming Department of Health Director Dr. Brent Sherard

State rules for required and recommended immunizations have been updated by the Wyoming Department of Health to help protect Wyoming kids from a number of diseases.

That's Wyoming Department of Health Director Dr. Brent Sherard, who says that the Tdap booster shot is aimed a protecting children from whooping cough.

BLM Going Ahead With Wild Horse Roundup

BLM will go ahead with wild horse roundup in October.
BLM will go ahead with wild horse roundup in October.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The Bureau of Land Management has decided to go ahead with a planned roundup of nearly 2,000 wild horses in southwest Wyoming. Critics of the roundup didn't like the use of helicopters, but the BLM says there's no good alternative for such a large roundup.

Should former Sen. Simpson stay co-chair of the Deficit Commission after saying Soc. Sec. is like a milk cow w/310 million tits?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
57% (288 votes)
30% (151 votes)
2% (8 votes)
Don't Care
11% (54 votes)
Total votes: 501

Scammers Getting Creative

Sheridan Police Detective Sgt. Tom Henry

The Sheridan Police Department would once again like to warn Sheridan residents about the proliferation of Internet scams. Detective Sgt. Tom Henry tells us.

Henry says these scams can originate via e-mail, US mail, using E-bay, Craig's List, or even dating websites. He indicates a similarity among the scams.


SHERIDAN BRONC FOOTBALL - The Bronc football team plays at Casper Kelly Walsh tonight.

The Broncs enter the 2010 season with plenty of questions that will get answered tonight.

The Broncs have a good mix of returning players should get them going tonight Head coach Don Julian wants to see how this year's Broncs handle the pressure the firs game.

The Broncs have a few guys back as starters this year but most will be in a starting role for the first time, Julian says the Broncs will have the same look on the field but with some subtle changes.

Is The SAWS Water Supply Falling With The Sky? Maybe, Maybe Not

Water available to the Sheridan Area Water Supply System, or SAWS, could reach a point where there is no excess capacity by year 2023. And supply may equal demand by 2037 for the city of Sheridan alone. This was one of the findings in a draft report being conducted by DOWL HKM, presented to the SAWS Board Thursday afternoon.