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Representative Berger: State Finances in Good Shape

Wyoming State Representative Rosie Berger

Earlier this week Wyoming State Representative Rosie Berger was a guest on News Talk 930 KROE'S Public Pulse program. When asked by host Kim Love about the State's financial picture, Berger responded by saying that things are actually looking pretty good.

Local Club Offers a Chance to Learn a Unique Sport

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David Harbour, (far right) with members of the Harbour Combat Club.

Friday Night Fights began in Sheridan some seven years ago, and along with it came the Harbour Combat Club. Sheridan resident David Harbour organizes the fights and is also the owner of the Combat Club.

Winter Has Been Tough On Big Game in Northeast Wyoming

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Winter has been tough on big game in northeast Wyoming this year.

The winter we've been experiencing in northeast Wyoming has made it extremely difficult for big game animals to find food on winter ranges. The north Gillette and Moorcroft areas have been hit the hardest with bitterly cold temperatures and wind chills over the past week.

Emergency Snow Route Alert Issued

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Once again the City of Sheridan has announced that an emergency snow route alert has been issued that will go into effect Wednesday at 1am.

Emergency Snow Route Alert Issued

1st Snowpack Report Looks Promising

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A map showing the various snotel sites around Wyoming.

The first regular snowpack summary of the water year was released Tuesday, and things are looking good for the Tongue and Clear Creek drainages. Natural Resources Conservation Service District Conservationist Brad Holliday.

Public Pulse - Tuesday 02/01/11

Dog & Cat Shelter / State Legislators

DCI Makes Drug Arrest

Special Agent Louie Williams, team leader with the Northeast Enforcement Team of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, issued a media release indicating that Tuesday, February 1st, members of his team arrested 43-year-old Tina Lynn Smith on a warrant issued out of Sheridan Circuit Court.

Sheridan County Commission Financial Retrospective

Sheridan County Business Manager Renee' Obermueller

At the Sheridan County Commission meeting Tuesday morning, County Business Manager Renee Obermueller spent several minutes giving a Power Point presentation on the County's financial health, with a retrospective of revenue growth and capital improvements dating back to 2003.

JoCo Commission Question Assessor's Vouchers

Vouchers submitted by new Johnson County Assessor Cindy Rogers to be reimbursed for travel and related expenses to take part in assessor's training in Florida came under scrutiny at the Johnson County Commissioner's meeting on Tuesday.

Buffalo Council Approves Final Completion on Wastewater Plant

February 1st was set as the final completion date for Buffalo's new wastewater treatment plant, after numerous problems and delays set the date back for final approval.

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, the Council approved the final completion, but not before a heated discussion lasting over an hour.