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Another Pathway Project Nears Completion

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Soon, by the end of July, Dome Drive will be connected to Scott Drive by the pathway project. The concrete pathway that runs from 5th Street to Highland Park School will now continue on east of the school as a recycled asphalt surfaced pathway that comes out at 116 Scott Drive. Scroll down to see several views of the pathway on Wednesday prior to application of the recycled asphalt.

Public Pulse - Wednesday 07/27/11

Adlai Stevenson III author of "The Black Book"


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The once standing proud landmark red barn across from Sheridan College is no more. Over the past couple of days workers from A&K Construction have carefully dismantled, sorted and stacked the resultant aged barn wood seen here. According to Jo at A&K the barn wood will have a new life in the form of cabinets and other decorative wood work.

Over the past couple of days workers from A&K Construction have carefully dismantled, sorted and stacked the resultant aged barn wood seen here.

7/21 SCA Rodeo

1D Barrels
1. Sierra Zowada 18.07
2. Whitney Simmons 18.16
3. Megan Belus 18.23

2D Barrels
1 / 2. Sierra Zowada 19.12
1 / 2. Cashlee Cunningham 19.12

3D Barrels
1. Tara Stimpson 20.05
2. Valarie Wood 20.16

Senior Barrels
1. Cricket Cunningham 19.47
2. Anna Zowada 20.00

Junior Barrels
1. Ellie Bard 18.45
2. Kade Koltiska 18.98

Pee Wee Barrels
1. Madison Farella 21.98
2. Makenzie Wood 24.11
3. Tavy Leno 29.90

1D Poles
1. Ronda Holwell 21.55

2D Poles
1. Katy Bilodeau 22.57
2. Lori Sigurdson 22.70

Senior Poles
1. Cricket Cunningham 24.92

37 Wyoming Post Offices Under Review for Closure by USPS

In an effort by the United States Postal Service to reduce post offices by one in every 10 nationwide, 37 offices in Wyoming including several Sheridan and Buffalo area locations, are under review for closure.

Glaciers—A Bird's Eye View

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Mary Burgess admires an aerial view of an Alaskan glacier.

An artist's reception was held Tuesday night at the Fulmer Public Library for photographer Rita Donham.

35th Dayton Days Set For This Weekend

File photo from a past Dayton Days Parade

A cow pie-themed 9-hole golf scramble will kick off the 35th annual Dayton Days this weekend in the 10th annual Cow Pie Classic on Thursday. A myriad of events will continue throughout the weekend including live music, competitions and plenty of food.

Habitat Awards Designs, Advertising For Program

Students peruse each other's materials at the awards ceremony Monday night.

Habitat for Humanity of the Eastern Big Horns' Buffalo Chapter hosted an awards ceremony Monday night to honor those local students who participated in their architectural and advertising contests for the Habitat Houses program.

Jo Co Approves VOA Bed Days Contract

Johnson County has a new agreement with Volunteers of America for them to provide juvenile detention services for the county's youth.
The county commissioners approved the contract drawn by county attorney Ken DeCock after discussions during their meeting last week.

Habitat Stores Celebrate Cazy Days in Buffalo

Habitat for Humanity of the Eastern Bighorn celebrate Crazy Days this week with sales at their stores in Buffalo, to help raise money to build more Habitat housing in Buffalo.