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East Sarpy Fire

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The East Sarpy Fire near Hardin, MT continues to spread as high winds and hot dry weather conditions fuel the blaze. The smoke in and around Sheridan the last couple of days is a result of this fire. (Photo Courtesy of the Bureau of Indian Affairs)

Impairment of Goose Creeks

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Sheridan County Public Works Director Rod Liesinger discusses septic systems at the Sheridan County Library.

Officials with Sheridan County and the Sheridan County Conservation District have been busy this week holding a series of public meetings on the impairment of the Goose Creeks in Sheridan County.

Banner Powerline Fire Correction

Wednesday, Sheridan Media News reported on a short-lived fire in Banner that occurred late Friday night.

Johnson County Fair Results For Thursday

Results from the Johnson County Fair from Wednesday including swine, poultry, and goats.

Sheridan, Johnson Counties Qualify for Drought Relief

The Thunder Basin National Grassland is among the areas in Wyoming that has been designated as a natural disaster due to drought.

Wyoming Governor, Matt Mead, has reissued regulations that will enable all counties in Wyoming, except Teton, to qualify for help from the federal Farm Service Agency.


In the Nicholson Memorial B-Flight Game, East defeated West, 3-1.

MVP, sponsored as always by Kiwi Katering, was James Damone of East.

Best Playing Pony was “Sweet Stuff”, played by Hope Arellano.

East (green):

#1 Little Boone Stribling

#2 Dori Grambel

#3 James Damone

#4 Faith Kneece

West (yellow):

#1 Allie Connell

#2 Jack Ulibarri

#3 Craig Luplow

#4 Hope Arellano

In the Sheridan Express Cup, Pony Bar & Grill defeated Hammer Chevrolet 10-6.

MVP, sponsored as always by Kiwi Katering, was Richard Dudman for Pony Bar & Grill.


The Sheridan Swim Team placed first in Division II at the Wyoming Summer State Meet in Gillette 7/27-29/12.

Commissioners Certify Mill Levies for Fiscal Year

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Sheridan County Administrative Director Renee Obermueller

Sheridan County Commissioners per state statute, held a special meeting Wednesday to certify mill levies for the collection of requisite taxes for fiscal year 2012-2013. Sheridan County Administrative Director Renee Obermueller.

Longtime 4-H Leader Recognized for Her Dedication

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Longtime 4-H Leader Mary DeTavernier was awarded a plaque for her two decades of service.

Sheridan resident Mary DeTavernier was recognized this week for her two decades of helping kids in Sheridan County 4-H. DeTavernier says that her 20 years of being a 4-H leader has allowed her to do many different things.

Lummis Introduces Bill Restricting Drone Surveillance

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis joined 22 of her colleagues in introducing H.R. 6199, the Preserving American Privacy Act, which is designed to protect individual citizens’ privacy from the increasing domestic use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones.