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Dog and Cat Shelter Director Announces Her Retirement

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In April of 2012, we reported that longtime Executive Director of the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter Cel Hope would be slowing down a bit and handing off some of her responsibilities at the Shelter. Tuesday, Hope announced that she'll be retiring next spring.

Keeping the Dogs Cool in the Summertime

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The dog days of summer can be dangerous for our four legged friends, as dogs are unable to keep themselves cool when temperatures rise. Dr. Jennifer Gage with Big Goose Veterinary Clinic says that leaving dogs in vehicles is often a recipe for disaster.

Phone Lines Open for Health Fair Blood Draws

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The phone lines are now open and volunteers are making appointments for wellness screenings offered to the public during the 2013 annual community blood draws later this month at Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

Dennis Clinton Frisbie

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Dennis Clinton Frisbie, MD, while resting quietly at Green House for Living, gave up his battle with Parkinson’s disease to be united with his Lord on Sunday, August 4th 2013.

Health Insurance Premiums Rise for County Employees

Health Insurance Premiums Rise for County Employees

The Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners first adjusted the costs of health insurance to county employees and their families in 2005, requiring employees to pay $100 a month for a spouse to be covered.

BOCC Moves to Support Sheridan College Bond Issue

BOCC Moves to Support Sheridan College Bond Issue (Photo by Chris Foy)

At their meeting Tuesday, the Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners unanimously moved to support the upcoming bond issue regarding the expansion and renovation of the tech center at Sheridan College.

Joseph Allen Onkka

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Joseph Allen Onkka, 29, previously of Sheridan, passed away on Sunday, August 4, 2013 at his residence in Gillette, WY.

Joey was born on March 18, 1984 in Sheridan, WY to parents David Allen Onkka and Lora Helene (Reagan) Donohue. He was working construction at the time of his death.

Tuesday 09-06-13

Dog and Cat Shelter


Results from the Connell Cup held Sunday August 4, 1:00 p.m. at the Big Horn Equestrian Center:

Big Horn Beverage defeated Sheridan Seed Co., 11-7.

MVP was Carlitos Galindo for Big Horn Beverage.

Best Playing Pony was “Jezebel” owned by G-String Polo Ponies, played by Richard Dudman

Big Horn Beverage:

#1 Anup Sidhu / Briana Galindo

#2 Carlitos Galindo

#3 Shane Rice

#4 Peter Taylor

Sheridan Seed Co.
#1 Wayne Garrison

#2 Richard Dudman

#3 Carlucho Arellano

#4 Kirby Taylor

Storms Just Passing Through

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Photo of the storm August 3rd that passed over Wyarno headed for Recluse.
Photo taken by: Sandturn by Gary Hinz