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Sheridan Could Break Weather Records During This Storm System

For the third time this week things are very white outside. This weekend storm system is a little different from the snow we received earlier in the week as it is bringing bitterly cold temperatures with it. Meteorologist Brian Tesar says you’d better bundle up for the next couple days.

Son of a Sheridan Couple Dies in Florida Days After a Shooting

News from Pensacola, Florida with ties to Sheridan -- an article published in the Pensacola News Journal indicates that 26-year-old Elijah Siler, the son of George and Patricia Siler of Sheridan, died of multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head, about 6:30 pm Wednesday at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola.

Laramie County Woman Dies From Swine Flu

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The Wyoming Department of Health says a Laramie County woman who died over the weekend has been confirmed as the state's second swine flu fatality. Health Department spokeswoman Kim Deti says the department is not identifying the 46-year-old woman.

The State Of Wyoming Has Acquired Some Prime Real Estate In Sheridan

RockWell Petroleum built a 23,000 square foot building in Sheridan several years ago. They had planned to house their U.S. headquarters there. The recent RockWell bankruptcy has forced them to liquidate many of their assets including what is basically a brand new facility at the corner of 5th Street and Mydland Road in Sheridan.

Sheridan Is Ahead Of The Curve In Glass Recycling

The City of Cheyenne collects about 9 tons of glass each week in its recycling program. The only problem is that it’s all just getting piled in the landfill. Glass can be recycled an unlimited number of times but it’s currently cheaper to make new glass from sand. Sand is abundant and inexpensive.

Electric Heater Is The Cause Of A House Fire Earlier This Week In North Sheridan

The Sheridan Fire-Rescue Department responded house fire around 6 o’clock Tuesday morning. Firefighters entered the home with air tanks and one water line. There was a fire burning underneath the kitchen sink and it was quickly extinguished.
Sheridan Fire-Rescue Investigator Brett Smith was able to determine

Fire Prevention Week Nearly Complete

There are only a couple more days left in national Fire Prevention Week. The Sheridan Fire-Rescue Department will hold an open house tomorrow starting at 9AM. Sheridan Fire Marshal Brian Songer says it’s a great way to wrap up the week.