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September 15th

Big Horn School Construction To Be Complete By Next Fall

Construction of the new Big Horn High School – Middle School will continue throughout the school year. Sheridan County School District 1 Business Manager Jeremy Smith explains how this will affect students at the current facility.

District 1 Schools Receive Accreditation Certificates

All schools in Sheridan County School District 1 received their accreditation certificate at the Board of Trustees meeting in Big Horn on Tuesday. Schools received Accreditation with Follow-Up. Superintendent Sue Belish explains.

School District 1 Holds Monthly Board Meeting

Student enrollment is up from last year in Sheridan County School District 1. However, District Superintendent Sue Belish says the increase could be misleading as they have seen beginning of the year increases for the last three years but end the year with enrollments actually going down.

County Public Works Department Gearing Up For A Busy Fall

The Sheridan County Commissioners considered releasing their interest in parts of Dayton East and Dayton-Ohlman Roads, yesterday. Dayton-Ohlman is one of the oldest Sheridan County roads. Records from that time are not the best and the County is still researching to make sure the legal descriptions are accurate.

County Commissioners Hold Second September Meeting

The Sheridan County Commissioners held their second September meeting on Tuesday. They appointed William Edelman of Campbell County as a special prosecutor. The outside help was needed to avoid a conflict of interest by the Sheridan County Attorney in a case involving Sheridan Municipal Court Judge Stuart Healy.

Ranchester Town Council Denies Fence Request And Approves A Number Of Municipal Code Book Revisions

The Ranchester Council met for their 2nd meeting of September Tuesday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there.

The Council denied a request from resident Kim Fuka to have a six foot fence on his property. Councilwoman Samantha Nixon.

Representative Madden Weighs In On Value Added Tax On Wind Generation In The State

State Representative Mike Madden was a guest on Tuesday's Public Pulse program, where he addressed a number tax related issues concerning the state of Wyoming. Madden says that the taxation of wind development in the state is an issue that needs to be addressed.

September 14th

Wyoming agency Receives $9.6 million Stimulus for Efficiency

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Wyoming has received $9.6 million in federal economic stimulus funding to improve the energy efficiency of buildings around the state.

The funding announced Monday comes from the Department of Energy through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The money goes to the State Energy Office, a small agency within the Wyoming Business Council.

Sheridan County School District 2 AP Program Is More Popular Than Ever

Sheridan High School has their highest enrollments ever in Advanced Placement courses. Nearly three hundred students have signed up to take AP courses this year. The courses not only provide more challenging coursework for students but also provide the opportunity to earn college credit. High School Principal Dirlene Wheeler.

School District 2 Holds September Board Meeting

The construction is nearly complete on the new Woodland Park Elementary School. All estimates show the building ready for a grand opening celebration on Monday, October 12th. Sheridan County School District 2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty says students will attend classes in the new building the next day.