Archive - Mar 19, 2010 - News

NASA Astronaut Shares His Travels

GILLETTE, (AP) - Former NASA Astronaut John Herrington is sharing his travels with groups in Gillette. The 51-year-old Herrington went to grade school and junior high in Riverton before a career in the Navy led to making space walks.

Senior Housing In Kaycee Receives Grant

The Sheridan-Johnson Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Wyoming Community Foundation, distributed $10,000 in grant funds this week to the Kaycee Senior Housing organization.

Burglar Sentenced in District Court

19-year-old Joseph Watkins was sentenced in Sheridan County District Court Thursday on one count of burglary. Watkins, in July of 2009, was involved in one of several burglary incidents that took place in the Ranchester area. He had admitted his part in taking expensive German-brand subwoofers from the vehicle of Deven Nedved.

How Healthy is Sheridan County?

One of the healthy outcomes of all the debate and arguing over health care is it has caused many people to look more closely at their own lifestyles and consider what they might do to improve their own health. Medical professionals have also been examining the data to see how their region stacks up health-wise to the rest of the nation.