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Hospital Experiences Record Month

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Controller Susan Novak
Sheridan Memorial Hospital Controller Susan Novak

April was a record breaking month at Sheridan Memorial Hospital, this following two consecutive slow months. Hospital Controller Susan Novak gives us a rundown of the numbers for April.

Junior High History Quilt

One of 60 quilt squares on Mr. Peterson's Sheridan Jr. High history classes quilt.

Students in Mr. Peterson's history classes at Sheridan Junior High School just completed their 2nd Semester research project. For twelve years in all teaching history, and for the fourth year since coming to SJHS, Mr. Peterson has had his students make a quilt. One year a quilt was made up of squares showing the history of how Sheridan's street names came to be.

Unitarians Put Down Roots

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Church plant a tree in dedication of their new building.

For the first time in thirty years, the Sheridan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship owns its own building.  Local president Victor Ashear says this is quite an accomplishment.

YMCA to Assist KARES

Tuesday afternoon the clients, parents, friends and staff at the RENEW KARES home gathered for a special announcement. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.