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9-11 Ceremony: Ringing of the Bells

The firebell on firetrucks around the country rang out in the 5-Bell sequence to honor the memories of the fallen of the 9/11 attacks.

On a day not unlike September 11, 2001, a cloudless blue sky and Indian Summer sun greeted those who attended and participated in the 9th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country. Part of the ceremony includes the ringing of the bell, and Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson tells us of its symbolism.

Yellowstone Photography Contest

Now is the time to dig up your favorite photos you've taken of old faithful, a grazing buffalo, or a bubbling geyser. The eighth annual Fall Photo Festival is later this month in West Yellowstone. Rich Jehle Yellowstone Ranger who has been organizing the event:

Building A Brewery—Or A Spaceship? We'll Let You Decide

"Brew Vat"

Black Tooth Brewery, which will be in the old Poll Motor building in Sheridan, is one “vat” closer to begin the brewing process as the multiple brew vats were delivered Friday. Tim Barnes, co-owner of Black Tooth Brewing Company, says of bringing the brew back to Sheridan: