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Meeting of the Minds at City Hall

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The City of Sheridan held a special media event Wednesday that included City Councilmen, The Mayor, various departmend heads, and the Police and Fire chiefs.

When the sales tax revenues came in for the month of January for the City of Sheridan, it was quite the eye opener as the deposit was much lower than what was projected.

Drug Take-Back Coming Up

Sheridan Police Evidence Technician, Steve Johnson, stands by the prescription drug drop box, located in the Police Station lobby. There is also a drop box in the lobby of the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office.

Coming up April 30th, the Sheridan Police Department will be taking part in the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. They held a similar event in September, and hope to hold them twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

It's Big, It's Red, and It's Now Here

The new fire training trailer parked in front of Sheridan Fire Rescue.

During the early afternoon hours Wednesday, Sheridan Fire Rescue received quite the large package in the form of a 53 foot bright red fire training trailer. SFR Division Chief Terry Lenhart says that the trailer is the first of its kind for Sheridan.

W.A.T.C.H. Students Pledge to be Drug-Free

About thirty SHS students signed Drug-Free Lifestyle pledges at the We Are the Change (WATCH) event March 30th.

With District 2 and City Dignitaries looking on, students from “We Are the Change”, or W.A.T.C.H., at Sheridan High School took part in a special pledge signing Thursday morning on the SHS Mezzanine.

CASA to Honor 2011 “Champion for Children”

CASA's 2010 Champion of Children, Tom Racette, will bestow the 2011 honor to Pam Emerson at the annual "Light of Hope" Breakfast April 29th.

Child Advocacy Services of the Big Horns, or CASA, is hosting the 3rd Annual Light of Hope breakfast is coming up at the end of April. Each year, a “champion for children” is honored, and this year, CASA's Susie Cannon tells us.

Pub Crawl Benefit for Sheridan Woman

Austyn Nashay Levi suffers from an incurable disorder called Interstitial Cystits. A fundraiser is being held on her behalf Saturday, April 2nd.

The Sheridan community is invited to come to the assistance for another young person who is undergoing extensive medical treatment for an illness.

Representative Lummis Opposes Driving Tax Proposal

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis recently offered her opinion on the Fox Business News Channel about the Congressional Budget Office's proposal to tax drivers based on the amount of miles they drive. Lummis says that the proposal is terrible.

Buffalo Food Depot Grand Opening This Weekend

Inside the Buffalo Food Depot

The traditional view of a “health food store” frequented by the earthy, bearded, hemp-shirted types isn't exactly what you find once you step into one. At least not in Buffalo's newest “healthy food” store, the Buffalo Food Depot, which advertises itself as “A Holistic Healthfood Center.”

Buffalo Community Choir: Fun While Preparing

The Buffalo Community Choir has been preparing for their first performance since February, but they have been having fun and putting some hard work into learning their music.

March 30th

Operation Orange Work Zone Safety

National Work Zone Safety Week is April 4th - 8th, 2011.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation, the Wyoming Office of Tourism and tourism agencies around the state are teaming up this travel season for Operation Orange.