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August 6th

Make Way For The House Hoist

A family home is making a treck from Big Horn into the city of Sheridan tomorrow morning, and the project's coordinators are hoping for the patience and cooperation of Sheridan citizens in their paths. The house will make its way from Bird Farm Road to Highway 335, then on to Big Horn Avenue.

Buffalo Police Chief Discusses Training, Grants, Watering

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder updated the city council on a number of items at the last council meeting in July.

August 5th

Big West Arts Festival

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It was the 7th Annual Sheridan College Big West Arts Festival held at Sheridan College this past weekend. Thirty-three artists, both local and nationwide, in a variety of mediums, had their works on display.

This Week's Poll Question

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This year has been hot...very hot...sparking drought conditions in many corn producing parts of the country. Close to 40% of the nation's corn crop is used to make ethanol which the government requires to be blended with gas as part of its Renewable Fuel Standard Mandate.

Out With the Old and in With the New

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Barb Gibbons shopping with Hannah Gibbons-Pelayo during Crazy Days in Sheridan.

Out with the old and in with the new. That's all part of the Crazy Days activities to be found in downtown historic Sheridan this past weekend.

75th Anniversary for Kendrick Park Pool

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It was every kid's dream come swimming, free hot dogs and drinks, games galore; it was the 75th birthday party for Kendrick Park Pool on Saturday.


It's a tradition in Sheridan County to wrap up fair week with a pig wrestling contest. Fill a pool with water and bentonite and throw in a pig with pig catchers and besides the mess, you have something to behold.

Johnson County Fair And Rodeo Wraps Up Over Weekend

The 2012 Johnson County Fair and Rodeo concluded this weekend with the parade and other events both Saturday and Sunday.

Johnson County Fair Results For Beef, Rabbits

Results for the 2012 Johnson County Fair Beef Shows were:

FFA Beef Showman: Bryce McKenzie.
Reserve: Kelley Largent.

Sheridan Media Week In Review

Here are some highlights of the past week's news on Sheridan Media: