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District 1 to Retain Old TRE

Trustees of Sheridan County School District 1 will retain ownership of the old Tongue River Elementary School building for at least another couple of years and continue using the building for educational purposes.

National Home Care and Hospice Recognition Month

November is National Home Care and Hospice Recognition Month which aims to bring attention to the millions of nurses, home care aides, therapists, social workers, spiritual guides and volunteers who make a remarkable difference in the lives of patients and families that they serve.

Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Next week is Thanksgiving and that means most will begin their holiday season eating. According to Dr. Erin Nitschke, a Sheridan Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, some may let the bad habits of the season carry over.

Dana Bowman Skydives in to Speak for Veterans Day Ceremony at Tongue River High

All eyes were facing skyward Tuesday afternoon as U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Retired Dana Bowman, the founder and president of the HALO for Freedom Warriors Foundation, brought the Nation's colors into a Veterans Day Assembly at Tongue River High School in a way only he can.

Library Auction Raises $32,000

The past weekend's Friends of the Library Auction raised a grand total of $32,000.

Ag Committee Considers Importance of Outdoor Recreation

Members of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Ag and Natural Resources Committee were asked to consider the importance of outdoor recreation to Sheridan County's economy, and whether the committee has a role to play.

Summit Chamber Players Featured at College

The Summit Chamber Players, a group of musicians with ties to Wyoming, will be featured in performance starting at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Whitney Center for the Arts.

Building Permit Numbers Are Up

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City of Sheridan Public Works Director Nic Bateson (Photo Ron Richter ©)

Good news for the local economy, as the City of Sheridan has issued more building permits this year when compared to last year at this same time.

Strolling Downtown Sheridan

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Locals Nancy Mckenzie and Lee Leslie perform at a past Christmas Stroll. (Photo by Hannah Stepenoff)

It’s been dubbed the kick-off to the Christmas season, and it’s set to take place a week from Friday in downtown Sheridan.

Wyoming News Update

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Here is the latest Wyoming news from The Associated Press