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Resident Asks Council to Consider Re-striping Streets

Sheridan resident John Fafoutakis has asked Sheridan Council members to consider repainting the double yellow lines on Sheridan Avenue.

Fair Week Starts With Dog Shows

The intermediate class lines up for judging in the 4-H dog show Monday. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Dog showmanship, conformation, obedience and agility classes started the day, and the week, of the Sheridan County Fair Monday at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds.

Estimates in for Goose Creek Polo Match

Figures won't be ready for a few days on the money raised by Sunday's polo match at the Flying H Ranch at Big Horn, but Beth Holsinger estimates the final tally will be about $20,000.

Scott 1000 RV Makes A Stop in Sheridan

This summer Scott 1000 Brand Toilet Paper decided to take five families on a RV journey that would take them from one end of Interstate 90 to the other, including a stop in Sheridan. The catch is that each family had to only use one roll of Scott 1000 toilet paper on their leg of the trip.

Smoke in Sheridan County

Some Sheridan County residents might have noticed that the air was a bit hazy Monday. Luckily there are no fires burning close enough to be the source of the smoke.

Who’ll Win U. S. House Primary? Looks Like Liz Cheney by a Nose

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If this were a horse race, the announcer might say that front-runner Liz Cheney of Wilson is holding off challenger Leland Christensen of Alta on the last turn while early leader Tim Stubson of Casper is still running hard but might be starting to fade.

But it is not a horse race.

Sheridan G&F Office Unable to Sell Licenses Due to Internet Problem

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UPDATE -- The Sheridan Region office of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has corrected the Internet problems and can now sell licenses out of their office. The original story is below.

Wyoming News Update

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Latest Wyoming news, sports, business and entertainment

Polo Played to Raise Funds

Players pursue the ball in Sunday's Goose Creek Cup at the Flying H Ranch. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Players wearing red for Coca Cola and blue for Bud Light squared off against each other Sunday in the seventh annual Goose Creek Polo Cup at the Flying H Ranch outside Big Horn.

A Look Back in Time: Aug. 1, 1916

Now here's Sheridan Media's look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper on Aug. 1, 1916.