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Two New Invasive Grasses Reported in Sheridan County

Two new invasive grasses have appeared in Sheridan County.

Nothing New with Power Plant

Carrie Rogaczewski, who's manager of the Sheridan County Conservation District, said nothing new is happening with the property north of Sheridan that formerly belonged to the Acme Power Plant.

Ullr Ball Raises $22,000-Plus

The Second Annual Ullr Ball last week raised more than $22,500, which is more than double the amount raised last year.

Hindu Mantras Will Open Legislative Sessions on Friday

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The Friday sessions for the Wyoming Senate and House of Representatives will open a little differently than most. According to a news release, the sessions will start with an invocation of ancient Hindu prayers given by Hindu statesman Rajan Zed.

Pole Creek Challenge Nordic Skiing Set for Saturday

The Sheridan area is expecting more snow this week and that means the mountains will likely get some as well. This bodes well for the Powder Pass Nordic Ski Club as they host their Pole Creek Challenge Event on Saturday. Club Secretary Charlotte Darling.

Pass the Keys to a Sober Driver Before the Big Game Begins

Football fans across the country will celebrate America’s most watched national sporting event on Sunday, February 5. For many, the celebration will include drinking alcohol.

January 31st

Young: College Hopes to Start Work on Tech Center in Spring

Dr. Paul Young at meeting of trustees and college foundation directors. (Photo by Pat Blair)

College President Dr. Paul Young said he'd like to see work start this spring on expanding Sheridan College's tech center.

Wyoming News Update

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Latest Wyoming news, sports, business and entertainment.

Hundreds attend hearing on Wyoming $360M K-12 budget crisis

Alternative School Doesn't Have to 'Look Like High School'

From left, District 2 Assistant Superintendent Mitch Craft and Michelle Sullivan. (Photo by Pat Blair)

An alternative high school doesn't have to look like a traditional high school.

'Jentel Presents' Moves to Library

Jentel Presents, a monthly event of the Jentel Artist Residency Program, will be in a new location in February.