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Dog Shows Kick Off Events at Fairgrounds

Youth and dogs line up for the judge's inspection during the showmanship competition Monday. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Scotty, an Australian shepherd owned and showed by Billie Bailey, was named Best in Show in conformation as the dog show kicked off events at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds Monday.

Cheney’s Statement on Subcommittee Hearing

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U.S. Representative for Wyoming Liz Cheney (Photo Ron Richter ©)

Wyoming’s lone representative in the U.S. House of Representatives Liz Cheney, sponsored legislation that would require congressional approval of any future moratoriums on coal leases on federal lands.

Dam Repairs May Affect Walk In Area

The Bighorn Reservoir and surrounding private land is enrolled in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Access Yes program. Repairs on the Bighorn Reservoir dam are currently underway and there will be heavy equipment working in the area into the fall.

Aspen Ecology and Management in the Bighorns

On August 15th, the Sheridan Fulmer Library’s Inner Circle will play host to a lecture on Aspen Tree Ecology and Management in the Bighorn National Forest.

Are You Packing? Nope, Just Looking Like a Wyoming Has-been Old-timer

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The first time it happened was when I was in the bar area of the Lander Community Center during a Whiteheart charity fund-raiser to benefit disabled veterans. I was in the process of ordering a glass of IPA beer and some white wine for Nancy.

“Are you packing?”

Fire Alarm Pulled by Young Program Member at Sheridan YMCA

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Last week, the Sheridan County YMCA had a bit of a scare when the fire alarm went off and summoned the Sheridan Fire and Rescue Team. After investigating the situation, the crew determined that a fire alarm had been pulled by one of the young participants in the Y’s Child Care Program.

July 30th

Wyoming News Update

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Latest Wyoming news, sports, business and entertainment.


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A man sentenced to life in prison for a murder he committed as a teen is on track to go free soon in an example of a Wyoming case affected by a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Johnson County Fair Continues With Horse, Cat Shows Today

The 2017 Johnson County Fair began Sunday and continues through this week, culminating in the rodeo events this weekend.

Residents Concerned with Possible Sewage Leak

Steve Steiner and Tina Beach speak to the Buffalo City Council

Residents on Harmony Street in Buffalo are concerned they may have a sewage leak in their neighborhood, and approached the Buffalo City Council to ask them to correct the problem.

Hospital Board Approves Credentialing

The Board of Trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center approved credentialing for a number of doctors during their recent meeting, on the recommendation of the medical staff.