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February 28th

Symons: House, Senate Divided Over Budget

Wyoming will have a balanced budget at the end of this year's legislative session, but Wyoming's two legislative houses are divided over how that will happen.

Wohl to Lead Poetry Workshop

Writing teacher Jane Wohl will present a three-day poetry workshop this month at The Hub on Smith Street.

ENDOW Overview of First Year Report

Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming better known as the ENDOW Council, recently was a guest on our news talk show Public Pulse.

STEM Professionals to Meet UW Students in ‘Speed Mentoring’ Event

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More than 20 University of Wyoming undergraduates will receive firsthand guidance from 11 professionals in a variety of science disciplines Thursday, March 1.

Native American Leadership Speaker Series Begins Friday at UW

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A member of the Eastern Shoshone Business Council and the Wind River Indian Reservation Tribal Court chief judge are the first two presenters in a speaker series at the new Native American Education, Research and Cultural Center at the University of Wyoming.

Ramaco Launches Initiative to Address Misconceptions

Recently, Ramaco Carbon launched a new initiative to address some alleged misconceptions about their upcoming project and rezone request.

Rep. Jennings Talks Budget

The primary focus of the 2018 Wyoming Legislative Budget Session is just that, the state’s budget for the next two fiscal years.

Sheridan Man Sentenced For Sexual Assault Convictions

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(Photo Ron Richter ©)

A 75-year-old Sheridan man was sentenced in Fourth Judicial District Court in Sheridan Tuesday. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Wyoming News Update

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The Welch Cancer Center at Sheridan Memorial Hospital is a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility, that allows people to receive cancer treatment without the financial and emotional burden of having to travel elsewhere for treatment.