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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Works to Hold Prices

Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan Memorial Hospital's charges to patients are among the lowest not only in the region but across the United States.

County Employees to Get Raises

Commission Chairman Mike Nickel, left. At right, Commissioner Steve Maier. (Photo by Pat Blair)

County employees can expect more money in the year ahead under the budget that commissioners will consider Tuesday.

"What Wyoming Means to Me"

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The Gallery on Main in Dayton recently held the first-ever ‘What Wyoming Means to Me,’ art contest. Owner Gina Donnor described the event.

Big Horn Mountain Festival This Weekend In Buffalo

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Buffalo will be hosting hundreds of music aficionados during the annual Big Horn Mountain Festival.

Commissioners Appoint Johnson County Deputy Coroner

A request by Johnson County Coroner Dave Harness was discussed and acted on by the county commissioners at their meeting Monday.

State Nursing Board Meets in Sheridan

Jennifer Burns speaks at opening session of nursing board meeting. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing opened meetings Monday afternoon in Sheridan with a report by Jennifer Burns on the American Nurses Association code of ethics.

Johnson County Commission Passes Final Budget

Johnson County's Commissioners approved their final budget by passing a number of resolutions during their regular meeting held Monday.

UW Proceeds with New Marketing Campaign

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The University of Wyoming is proceeding with a new marketing campaign intended to help grow its enrollment and raise its national and international profile, with a primary campaign tagline of “The World Needs More Cowboys.”

Seven UW Research Projects Garner Use of Cheyenne Supercomputer

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Seven University of Wyoming research projects, many of which will directly impact Wyoming and the nation, have been chosen to receive computational time and storage space at the supercomputer in Cheyenne. Energy, the atmosphere, watersheds and wind farms are some of the research topics.

BLM ponders what to do with coal-bed methane roads

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CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is studying what to do with 600 miles (960 kilometers) of roads that once served the Power River Basin's coal-bed methane industry.