Archive - Sep 18, 2019 - News

Sheridan to Host Dementia Friendly Conference

Sheridan-based Dementia Friendly Wyoming will host a conference next month on Creating Dementia Capable Communities.

Whitney Days Honors Legacy

Sheridan College's Whitney Days honors the legacy of Edward A. Whitney and what he did for access to higher education and education in general.

School District 1 Students Give Presentations at Meeting

A change was introduced this week at the Sheridan County School District 1 trustees' first meeting of the new school year.

Ucross, Alley Theatre Announce Collaboration

The Ucross artist residency program and the Texas-based Alley Theatre, one of the nation's leading regional theaters, have announced an innovative new collaboration in support of theater artists.

Community Game Day at the Fulmer Moves to the Weekend

Community Game Days at the Sheridan Fulmer Library are back this month and on a new day. Sheridan County Library System Programming Coordinator Zola Shockley explained the details about the move.

Hunter Ed Internet Field Day Saturday

Likely one of the final chances for area hunters to get their hunter education certifications will happen on Saturday.

SPD: Armed Student Threat Determined to be Fake

On Wednesday morning, the Sheridan Police Department responded to the report of a Sheridan Junior High School student allegedly planning to bring a firearm with them to school. Police Lt.

UW Receives $15.8 Million NSF Grant for Instrumentation for New King Air Research Aircraft

UW Master Technician Brent Glover installs components into the Wyoming Cloud Radar, weather instrumentation that is part of King Air. (UW Photo)

The University of Wyoming received a $15.8 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that will provide weather instrumentation and other equipment for a new King Air research aircraft the university plans to purchase.

Education Abroad Grows Significantly at UW

The number of University of Wyoming students studying abroad has increased significantly in the past two years, helping achieve UW’s objective of giving students the international skills they need in an increasingly global world.

UW’s Leonard Receives NSF Grant for Materials Science Research

Brian Leonard, a UW associate professor of chemistry, recently was awarded a three-year, $490,529 National Science Foundation grant. Leonard will study intercalation, or insertion chemistry, that can be critical for future technological applications, such as batteries, smart windows and ultra-thin electronic components such as transistors and capacitors. (Krista Watzel Photo)

Modification of functional materials is one of the greatest challenges facing materials scientists, and this fine-tuning process is critical for future technological applications -- such as batteries, smart windows and ultra-thin electronic components such as transistors and capacitors.