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SHS Tips Off the Basketball Season

Sheridan High School Basketball tipped off the season with a Fun Night that included freshman, sophomore, junior varsity and varsity scrimmages as well as a Lady Bronc Moms' Team v/s a Bronc Moms' Team scrimmage.

Shown here are the tipoffs between the varsity daughters (Dylan Wright & Robbie Ryan in blue), moms (Karla Luckie #15 & Jennifer Farr) and varsity sons (Justin White & Blake Baker #50) teams.
Lady Bronc action
A Bronc Dunk
A Lady Bronc Dunk?
Freshman tipoff
Blake Baker getting fouled
Molly Legocki and Robbie Ryan on opposite sides of the ball
Robbie Ryan for two
Reed Ritterbusch to the hoop
Adam Berry with a rejection