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Runners Fight Zombies For Cause

The CHAPS 5K Zombie Run was held Saturday. Runners had to run through various "Zombie Zones" and try to preserve their "lives" as they ran through the zombie horde. Zombies were shuttled to the various zones via the Sheridan Trolley, and waited for the runners as they tried to grab as many of their "lives" as they could.

(Photo By Spencer Porden)
From Left: Matt Johnson, winner for: male runner with most lives left; Jenn Smith, winner for: Best Zombie; Becky Belcourt, winner for: female runner with most lives left. (Photo By Spencer Porden)
(Photo By Spencer Porden)
Laura Wales dances to Thriller during the "Thriller Dance-Off." (Photo By Spencer Porden)
(Photo By Spencer Porden)