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Story Community Fund Awards Grant to Story Centennial Park Board

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The Story Community Fund is an affiliate of the Wyoming Community Foundation and was founded November 2011 to be a charitable fund for local 501-c-3 organizations. Last fall the Story Centennial Park Board applied for a $2,000 Grant to help with expenses at the Story Park. The Park has seen increased usage over the years.

From Left to Right: Mark Pierce-SCFund Board Member, Bernie Spielman-SCFund Board Member, Patrick Morgan-Chairman—SCFund, Patty Hoover-Sect/Treasurer—SCFund, Steve Diekema-President-Story Park Board, Alan Weakly-Vice Chairman SCFund, Gary Meyer-Vice President Story Park Board. Other Story Community Fund Board members not shown, Bill Hippe, Janet Ludwig, Steve Noecker, Ernie Weyeneth. Other Story Park Board members not shown Ed Grady, Jon Malutich, Jon Simpson. (Courtesy photo)