Archive - 2009 - Public Pulse

August 11th

Public Pulse 08/11/09

Tuesday - State Legislators: Senator John Schiffer and Representative Rosie Berger

August 10th

Public Pulse - Monday 08/10/09

Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce / SHAC w/ Marie Lowe

August 7th

Public Pulse - Thursday 08/06/09

North Main Neighborhood Association w/Nancy Drummand and Nancy Silla / Child Development Center w/Sandy O'Dell

August 4th

Public Pulse 08/04/09

Animal Shelter / "Memory Loss, What's Normal, What's Not?" with Mark Underwood

August 3rd

Public Pulse - Monday 08/03/09

Library / Sheridan County Historical Society

July 31st

Public Pulse - Thursday 07/30/09

Memorial Hospital / Scott Stults w/Sheridan County School District #2

July 29th

Public Pulse - Wednesday 07/29/09

Sonny Reisch, Wagon Box Fight / Pat Blair, author of "Deathtalker"