Archive - 2009 - Public Pulse

August 27th

Public Pulse - Tuesday 08/25/09

Joey's Flyfishing / Ron Lehr-The Future of Wind in Wyoming

Public Pulse - Monday 08/24/09

Vanessa Hastings - Sheridan Suicide Prevention Coalition

August 21st

Public Pulse - Thursday 08/20/09

Kevin Drumm, Sheridan College / Mark Englert, Lissanna Follari and Susan Brayton, Hand-in-Hand Center

Public Pulse - Wednesday 08/19/09

County Commissioners

August 20th

Public Pulse - Tuesday 08/18/09

Tuesday - Story Days / Brad Cave, Employment Law Seminar

August 18th

Public Pulse 08/17/09

Monday - Jenny Craft, Center for a Vital Community / Anne Quick, Civic Theatre Guild

August 14th

Public Pulse - Thursday 08/13/09

(Whole Program) Dayton Mayor Bob Wood and Sheridan County Commissioner Steve Maier, Capital Facilities Tax Information

August 12th

Public Pulse 08/12/09

First Christian Church "Share The Spirit" Festival w/Ky Dixon / WYO Theater Erin Butler