Archive - 2013 - Public Pulse

November 22nd

November 21st

November 20th

Wednesday 11-20-13

County Commissioners

November 19th

Tuesday 11-19-13

State Rep. Mike Madden

November 18th

Monday 11-18-13

Foster Parenting, Don Berry / Is your Charitable Contribution making a difference? Sharon Lipinski

November 15th

Friday 11-15-13

Open Line Friday

Show's Topics:
Poll Question/UW Sports
State Lottery/Social Services
Proposed Flood Plain/Engineering Study
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)/Federal Mandate

November 14th

Thursday 11-14-13

Mayor Dave Kinskey

Wednesday 11-13-13

High School Watch Program / Mike Shanley, Antique Radio's

November 12th


State Rep. John Patton / State Sen.Bruce Burns

Monday 11-11-13

Chamber of Commerce / Author Lori Cooper