Archive - 2018 - Public Pulse

December 13th

December 12th

Wednesday 12-12-18

Wyoming Game and Fish Department / Dr. Warren Farrell

December 11th

Tuesday 12-11-18

Wyoming Highway Patrol / Big Horn Mountain Country Dance Club / Ucross Foundation

December 10th

Monday 12-10-18

Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce / Local Musician Mike Kuzara

December 7th

Friday 12-07-18

Open Line Friday with Rustin Burr - Poll Question Discussion:

Do you support Robert Mueller's Investigation?

  Yes           42%  (445 votes)
  No            55%  (587 votes)
  Undecided     2%   (26 votes) 

December 6th

Thursday 12-06-18

Sheridan County YMCA / WYO Theater

December 5th

Wednesday 12-05-18

Sheridan Police Department / Whitney Center for the Arts

December 4th

Tuesday 12-04-18

Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter / Local Counselor Lynn Gordon

December 3rd

Monday 12-03-18

Trail End Holiday Open House / Witzel Academy

November 30th