Archive - Public Pulse

October 9th, 2009

October 8th

Public Pulse - Thursday 10/08/09

Jeans & Queens Square Dance Club / Sheridan Chamber of Commerce

October 7th

October 6th

Public Pulse - Tuesday 10/06/09

Animal Shelter /Dancing with the Stars sister w/Lindsay Vito

Public Pulse - Monday 10/05/09

Library / Dr. Victor Ashear and Kathleen McKinney, Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 2nd

October 1st

Public Pulse - Thursday 10/01/09

Vision Beyond Borders (Whole Program)

September 30th

Public Pulse - Wednesday 09/30/09

Kirsten Giles and Kelly Rankin, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Conference

Public Pulse - Tuesday 09/29/09

Sue Belish, Supt. School District #1 / Patty Gengle and Nancy Stanker, Story Women's Club

September 28th

Public Pulse - Monday 09/28/09

Jenny Craft and Nic Bateson, Center for a Vital Community Systematic Development for Informed Consent / Pam Peldo, Partnership for a Drug-Free Workplace