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2015 Energy Bowl Broadcast

After a long and tough game, the Broncs will take a heartbreaking loss from Gillette with just seconds to go.

Final Score:
Broncs- 14
Camels- 20

The Big Horn Rams pick up a win against Thermopolis despite a comeback attempt by the Bobcats.

Final Score:
Rams- 26
Thermopolis- 24

2015 Energy Bowl / Rams at Thermopolis tonight / TR and UW play Saturday / Broncos home Sunday vs Minnesota

2015 ENERGY BOWL - The Broncs head to Gillette tonight for the Energy bowl kickoff is scheduled for 7:00 we will have it live on 14-10 KWYO.

Broncs Head coach Don Julian says keeping the emotions in check is a big key in tonight's game.

The Energy bowl has been a great series over the years and Julian says it's a big time game to be involved in.

When it comes down to the head to head match up, Julian says the running game could be the deciding factor one way or the other.