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WYO Rodeo / Troopers Baseball / Rockies Baseball / Bronc Football Camp

WYO RODEO - The second performance of the Sheridan WYO rodeo was another blazing success last night complete 2nd night results are up on the sports page below.

Slack continues today at 9:00 with the third performance starting tonight at 7:00.

TROOPER BASEBALL - The Sheridan Troopers are red hot right now they've won nine of their last 10 games including six straight as they swept a double header against Cody last night.

They took game one 15-5 and the night cap 7-5 to run their season record to 38-20.

WYO Rodeo 2nd Performance Results

Bareback Riding

Zack Brown
Cody Kiser 68.5
Cameron Hopper-Craig 75.5
Josh Griggs
Bill Tutor 83.0
Chad Rutherford 78.5
Winn Ratliff 78.5
Heath Ford
Casey Breuer 75.0
Ty Breuer 74.0
Brian Bain 82.0
Nick Gutzwiler

Saddle Bronc Riding

Cooper DeWitt 48.0
Curtis Garton 64.0
Joey Sonnier III 82.5
Joaquin Real
Roper Kiesner
Joe Lufkin 85.5
Dalton Davis
Josh Griggs
Nat Stratton
Dean Wadsworth 65.0
Alex Wright
Jesse Wright 79.5

Bull Riding

Trevor Kastner
Jeff Bertus
Parker Breding
Jess Davison
Patrick Geipel
Markus Mariluch