Letters from the Public

Wyoming students disciplined for wearing white hoods, robes

A Wyoming high school says two students have been disciplined for arriving at school wearing white hoods and robes. The Casper Star-Tribune reports the two Riverton High School students entered the school wearing the clothing Wednesday.

District 2 Superintendent Writes Letter to Community

The following letter has been received from Craig Dougherty, superintendent of Sheridan County School District 2:

Fluoride The Short Version

Some folks think fluoride should not be added to the drinking water because it is a poison and I respect their choice to not drink the water. However, the plain truth is that, everything is a poison! It is the concentration that matters.

Letter from the Public: Big Business and Fluoridation

Letter from the Public: Big Business and Fluoridation (Photo courtesy Flickr user athena)

I take exception to [the] comment in [a 2010 issue of] the Sheridan Press stating that tooth decay is the most common long term disease in children.

Letter from the Public: Obama Energy Tax Will Kill Economic Growth, Jobs

Last month, President Obama unveiled his plan for a national energy tax. On Thursday, I am introducing legislation that will give senators a chance to tell the American people exactly where they stand on this proposal.

Letter From the Public: Circus DOES Have Violations

If the Jaycees’s had done an independent background check instead of just asking the Circus’ Owners if they abuse their animals they would have found this evidence.

Letters From the Public: Substance Abuse Prevention

To the editor:

Wyoming is no stranger to substance abuse issues. Whether it is alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, the associated costs to the public are astonishing. The annual economic burden of alcohol abuse alone to Wyoming residents is more than $850 million.

Letter from the Public: Former SC Body President, RA Speaks Out

In light of all the recent press Sheridan College has been receiving, I thought I might take an opportunity to share my own experiences.

Letter from the Public: Questioning Sheridan College

I have held my tongue for a long time about Sheridan College and the plans that they have, but the latest article in the Sheridan Press really took the cake for me (“Kati Sherwood encourages service”, April 15, 2013). I am a full time student at Sheridan College.

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