Structure Fire Results in Fatality

A structure fire on Highway 345 northeast of Ranchester that occurred early Monday morning resulted in the death of 72-year-old Jay Lanka.

A Look Back in Time: Jan. 9, 1919

Now here's Sheridan Media's look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper on Jan. 9, 1919.

Big Horn Baseball Club Starts Fundraising for Ball Fields

Big Horn Baseball Club President Jay Martinson says the club is actively starting to fundraise for a baseball field at the Big Horn school complex. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The Big Horn Baseball Club is actively working to raise funds for two ball fields on the Big Horn school complex.

Wyoming Education Department Offers New State Report Card

Students in all three of Sheridan County's school districts beat state averages in proficiency in English language arts and math.

Three Local Projects in Supplemental Budget

Kinner says supplemental budget includes three projects in Sheridan. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Funds for three projects in Sheridan are included in the supplemental budget that legislators will be asked to consider in their upcoming session.

School District 1 Plans TRHS Boiler Conversion

School District 1 trustees approved plan earlier this month that includes boiler conversion at TRHS. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Among the projects in Sheridan County School District 1's five-year facilities plan is the conversion of boilers at Tongue River High School to use natural gas.

School District 1 Plans Conversion to LED Lights

School District 1 trustees, shown in a meeting earlier this year, have approved plans that include converting school lights to LED. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Over the next few years, Sheridan County School District 1 plans to convert the lighting in all of its school buildings to LED lights and lamps.

TRMS Crawlspace Set for Work Next Summer

Work is planned for Tongue River Middle School crawlspace next summer. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Among projects scheduled this summer for Sheridan County School District 1 are improvements to the crawlspace under Tongue River Middle School.

TRMS Oldest Building in District 1

Art and science areas of Tongue River Middle School are scheduled for a remodel next summer. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Tongue River Middle School is the oldest building in Sheridan County School District 1, with arts and sciences classrooms that met the needs of students when the school opened in 1983 but are no longer adequate for today's classes.

School District 1 Plans for Next 5 Years

School District 1 trustees adopted five-year plan at their meeting earlier this week. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Wyoming's construction department and school facilities division require that school districts in the state have two-year plans for their facilities.

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