Graduation Rate Tops 96 Percent at District 1 High Schools

School District 1 trustees get good news about graduation rates in the district's two high schools. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The two high schools in Sheridan County School District 1 had a nearly 97 percent graduation rate last year.

Alcohol Enforcement MOU Tabled by Sheridan Commission

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Sheridan County and the Sheridan Police Department for alcohol enforcement was tabled by the county commission Tuesday, at the request of Sheridan County Prevention Manager Ann Perkins.

Buffalo Council Passes Resolution for One-Percent Amount

The Buffalo City Council, during their regular meeting Tuesday evening, passed Resolution No. 1437 which sets the amount of Optional 1% Tax funds they will allocate this year.

Buffalo Council Approves Mayor's Board Appointments

At their regular meeting Tuesday, the Buffalo City Council voted to approve Mayor Shane Schrader's appointment recommendations for various city and county boards.

Hospital Continues to Evaluate Facilities, Needs

Sheridan Memorial Hospital continues to evaluate the hospital's facilities and patient needs. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Those in charge at Sheridan Memorial Hospital continue to weigh what the hospital can offer against the needs, present and future, of the community.

130-Plus Participate in UW Extension's First Online Master Gardener Class

Just over 130 participated in UW Extension's online Master Gardener class. (Courtesy photo)

Just over 130 hopeful gardeners from 21 of Wyoming's 23 counties took 16 weeks of online training last fall and into this winter in an online master gardener class offered by the University of Wyoming Extension Service.

Wyoming, Montana Ask Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Washington’s Denial of Coal Terminal Permit

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Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon (Photo Ron Richter ©)

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon held a news conference Tuesday, where he announced that Wyoming and Montana have jointly asked the United States Supreme Court to hear a challenge to Washington State’s denial of the proposed Millennium Bulk coal terminal in Longview, Washington.

Christmas Wish Campaign Donates Funds for School Lunches

The Sheridan Media Christmas Wish Campaign has donated $2,000 in leftover funds to Sheridan County School District #2.

No Ordinary Joe

Joe didn’t enter into the service of his country thinking about legal advice and the costs associated with attorneys and long drawn out courtroom battles. It just wasn’t something that readily came to mind.

Duties of the Chairman

Recently, the Sheridan County Commissioners chose Commissioner Nick Siddle to serve as the Chairman of their board for 2020.

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