New weekend Lineup on KROE

Starting the weekend of March 6th/7th, there are some revisions to Newstalk 930 KROE's weekend lineup. We are adding two new programs and moving some others around.

Neal Boortz is moving from Sunday to Saturday, and two new programs - Medical Edge Weekend and The Phil Hendrie Show - are being added to the Sunday lineup.

Here is the new weekend lineup on KROE:

MID-5a - Coast to Coast AM
5a-5:30a - The Week in Review with Dirk Van
5:30a-6a - America This Week with Jim Bohannon
6a-8a - The Money Pit with Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete
8a-10a - National Geographic Weekend with Boyd Matson
10a-Noon - Healthtalk with Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Noon-3p - The Kim Komando Show
3p-6p - Handel on the Law
6p-9p - Neal Boortz
9p-MID - Jerry Doyle

MID-6a - Coast to Coast AM
6a-7a - Newsweek On Air
7a-10a - The Clark Howard Show
10a-Noon - The Car Dr. with Ron Ananian
Noon-1p - Meet the Press
1p-2p - Motley Fool Money
2p-3p - Medical Edge Weekend
3p-5p - Dr. Joy Browne
5p-7p - Talk Radio Countdown with Doug Stephan
7p-9p - The Monica Crowley Show
9p-MID - The Phil Hendrie Show