“Going Pro”: 2010 Christmas Stroll Design Winner

Lauren Sarantopulos is this year's winner for the 2010 Christmas Stroll Button Design Contest

“Going Pro”: 2010 Christmas Stroll Design Winner
Lauren Sarantopulos is this year's winner for the 2010 Christmas Stroll Button Design Contest. A ceremony was held late Monday at Sheridan City Hall, where Lauren was presented several prizes. This year's first stroll button was one, another was her original drawing—a framed and matted depiction of a red, round, and of course, jolly Santa Clause, holding a sign with the number 15 on it. Lauren's explains her merry muse:

Lauren, who is now in 6th grade, started painting when she was four. She says she hopes to pursue a career in art, and currently has her own website and studio at Woodland Park school. Lauren says she really loves painting Alice in Wonderland, Popeye, and “other fun characters.” But she also apparently has a knack for Christmas Stroll Button characters as well, as Sheridan Media's Betsy Love found this was Lauren's second time winning the contest:

Currently, the annual Stroll Button contest does not exactly include submissions from “professional” Stroll Button-makers—unless these professional button-makers happen to be in 6th grade or younger.

We have a picture of Lauren and her #15 Santa design on our website at Sheridan Media dot com. You can also check out Lauren's website, we have a link to it posted for you as well.

The 15th annual Chamber of Commerce Christmas Stroll is in downtown Sheridan the day after Thanksgiving. Teressa Detimore, acting Sheridan Chamber of Commerce Director tells us what's in store for the stroll:

In case you're not sure you heard that last part correctly, yes, Teressa said that RENEW would have a “reindeer roping” ring again at the stroll. However, in case you haven't seen or actually “reindeer roped” before, you may also be wondering...

The 15th “Anniversary” Sheridan Chamber of Commerce buttons are $5—you can get yours at many shops in Sheridan. Between the night of the Christmas Stroll and the night before Christmas, around 80 shops will display a different button number—if yours matches one of the numbers in the shops, you can win a number of prizes, including $1,000 grand prize.

You may want want to hang onto your stroll button because if the button's young designer continues at this rate, it could be worth a lot more than $5 some day...either way, its still a nice piece to add to a growing collection of stroll buttons.

Check out more of Lauren's work:

youtube-- Lauren Paints