10 Fires Burn in Ranchester Area

Ranchester, Dayton and Goose Valley firefighters, along with a crew from the Padlock Ranch and several other people fought 10 fires west of Ranchester Saturday night.

Ranchester There were no injuries, and no damage to property. Ranchester Fire Chief Donnie Dobrenz said his department was called about 6 p.m., then called for backup when they arrived at the scene.

Dobrenz said most of the fires were about 20 by 30 feet in size, but two involved about an acre each. The blazes are believed to have started with sparks from a train going through the area. Dobrenz said the fire went through an area of bee hives, but none of the hives caught fire.

He said firefighters remained on the scene until around 11 p.m. Saturday, then he returned to the area Sunday morning. At that time, he found some old railroad ties still burning, but the fire was pretty much out at that time.